Certified Professional Coder Training and Education

Learn medical coding in as little as 2 to 3 months! This course is designed to educate those individuals looking for a career change or need to boost their current healthcare career.  The CPC Course is designed for those professionals already in the medical billing/coding world and   Contact Cove Medical Services today to save your seat for your next career opportunity!





Cove Medical Services offer hands-on  virtual classroom training. As well as 3 day coding boot camps.  The purpose of this course will be for the student (who will become a certified coder) to demonstrate proficiency in ICD-10 diagnosis coding, procedural and surgical services coding . It will also allow the student to implement knowledge of regulatory and compliance reimbursement .

The Instructor Led class work can be completed no matter where you are in the world as long as you have internet service and whenever you want to start!   

The instructor led 12 week courses are held every Thursday evening at 7:00pm EST are for individuals that have never been in the healthcare facility. The virtual classroom will be held once a week starting this November. Somewhat like the 3 day boot camp but not as intense or fast paced.  The price for this course is $900.00, WOW, what a deal!

If you already have medical billing/coding knowledge or feel you are a quick learner then the 3 day boot camp may be exactly what you're looking for. These classes are held one Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month. 3 Day Boot camps will be held monthly (schedule is subject to change based on number of students)  Boot camps are only $1000.00 per person and payment arrangements are available for those interested in this course.  Discounts are available for referring our courses.

A $400 Non-Refundable Deposit, deducted from the course amount, is required, go check out our training packages!  Our potential  students can also purchase their AAPC Membership, CPC Exam, Workbooks/Textbooks and Coding Manuals at a discounted price only from Cove Medical Services (not available for all packages, see details).

Payment Arrangements for students who may need additional time to make reasonable payments towards their next career goal is also available.

Go to "Shop" and review the different training package options offered.  

FYI: All certifications upon a satisfactory CPC Exam score will automatically be affixed with an "A" for Apprenticeship. The "A" will remain on your license for 2 years until proof of coding experience can be provided.  Otherwise, IF, you have a minimum of 2 years in medical coding then the AAPC will remove the "A", ask me how when you sign up for the course!

              Discounts are only given once the referred student provides your name and has paid for their course in full!