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The Importance of Creating Standard Front Office Workflows

Many organizations do not have standard workflows in place for their medical Front Office Representatives. Are you shocked? You shouldn't be, sadly, this is the norm for many privately owned medical practices. I have listed key takeaways that could be used in any front office practice.

Feel free to incorporate these ideas in your office!


PRE-REGISTRATION: Full Name, DOB, Demographic

Information, Insurance Information

(subscriber name and DOB)

INSURANCE VERIFICATION: Verify patient benefits no later

than 2 - 3 days prior to

appointment (DED, OOP,


PRE-CERTIFICATION: Obtain any Referral or Authorization

documents and forward to the carrier for

approval at least 7 business days prior to the

appointment, if applicable

MEDICAL RECORDS REQUEST: If the patient has been referred to

the practice it is wise to request

their Medical Records from the

referring physician's office. In

most, the referring physician will

contact the consulting physician

to assist in scheduling. This is a

great time to ask the

representative to send over the

patient's medical record

pertaining to the reason for the

visit. IF the patient is the person

making the appointment advise

them to request their medical

records from their provider prior

to the appointment.

COLLECT PAYMENTS: It is imperative that your Front Desk

Representative is comfortable with asking

patient's to pay their Co-payments as well as

any other patient responsibility balances

(Outstanding Balances, predetermined DED

amount for the visit, etc.). Remember trying

to collect payments on the back end is a

tough job!

CHECK OUT PATIENTS: More often than not, many offices do not

make it mandatory to ensure ALL

patients have been checked out. This

step helps to confirm patients were seen

and/or left the office with any additional

Orders or Follow Up appointments placed

in the system.


contact the patients that did not make it to

their appointment or canceled their

appointment, to place them back on the


END OF DAY TASKS: Make sure that all payments have been posted

correctly and batches accounted for.No Show

and Canceled patients have been noted in the

system for rescheduling purposes and patient


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